I was Interviewed by HaveHeart Magazine!

I am so thrilled to have been interviewed by the wonderful Katie Paddock Broyles for HaveHeart Magazine on all things DOULA! Check out the interview here.

As such a young woman, what led you to decide to become a doula?  I assume that “Doula-ing” wasn’t your major in college.

I’ve always felt a call to serve women in some way, and as I grew older that calling grew with me. I had very little knowledge and exposure to childbirth and birth culture growing up.  It wasn’t until a few years ago that I had the good fortune of meeting a wonderful woman who had home births for both her children. I never realized that there were differences in birth experiences. I didn’t know that you had a choice in where you could give birth, that there were different positions you could give birth in, that birth could be such an empowering, life-changing experience.  And of course, I had no idea what a doula was… and as soon as I found out, it just clicked for me. Learning about how life changing and empowering this experience can be, learning about myself as a woman, and learning about the capabilities of women has made it my path in life to share this knowledge with others.



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